Saturday, April 25, 2009


Hi! So we had a pretty lame experience at the second farm we WWOOFed at... we didn't even take any photos. Not even one! Imagine that: Ashley not taking a single photo for weeks. That's how bad this place was! Here's a list of our complaints:
-mud everywhere -vicious mosquitos -mean owners -completely unorganized- they made us dig holes all day or clear the rainforest with machetes- we felt no love from anyone- they made us clean up their rusty garbage paint splatter gunk- we learned nothing about organic farming-
And so we left!
Just like that!
Up and gone!
See you later!
That is the beauty of this WWOOF program- if you don't like a place, gather your courage and LEAVE!
We have learned to be very clear with our needs and expectations when dealing with new WWOOF hosts. Most of them seem to be looking for free workers and do not care about sharing their knowledge about farming.
Anyway. We tried out a little bit of housesitting instead of WWOOFing for a week. We doggie sat a pup named Diamond. She's such a beauty.

Ashley finds a banjo and enjoys!
Joel finds a guitar!
This is where we are.
Joel plays the spoons.
Idyllic photo moment.
I do not know why the dog spreads its legs out like that.
Joel finds coffee plants and finds himself in heaven.
We walked the dog 34 times that week. Can you see the huge volcano that swoops down to the ocean behind Joel?
Double love!

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  1. hey there- cool site and great pics- I am a wwoofer- and I think we should start a blog where wwoofers can talk about their experience at different farms. Even rate them based on specific needs and expectations met. I have wwoofed at 5 farms on Maui before finding a great one. Some were so bad, I was just weedwacking for 8 hours a day- and another wwoofer I met told me of a farm on Big Island where they were given just a pot to catch thier water, and a few cans of beans and a bag of rice. Sad. Well, the farm I am at now is amazing. It's in Hana- so in the winter I am expecting some good rain- but the people are amazing, the communal kitchen is stocked full of foods I can't even dream of. They have a permaculture teacher who lives on the land and gives permaculture lessons once a week. The owners even bought us paint to have art night, and we are having soap-making night next week. Outdoor movies on a projector, and they have cabins and tent platforms- but even the platforms are great. They are 12x14- covered clear roof so you can see the stars, and you walk through a lilikoi tunnel to get to them. So cool. This place is called Hana Farms- it's just 1/2 mile from Black sands beach. And I couldn't be happier. The worst farm so far was Hanalani Farm- the man was really creepy and spied on me in the shower. The work was awful, and the facilities should be reported. So, to all potential wwoofers. Do ask specific questions. Ask for photos even, or if you can check out the farm first. But, also embrace that you are in a different climate- there will be bugs you've never seen, geckos, and mosquitos- that's just life on the islands. Enjoy it. And, you can e-mail me too if you have any questions as I am now a professional wwoofer.