Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thinking about WWOOFing??

We've received many questions about WWOOFing through this blog and, while it has been hard to respond promptly since we're in travel mode right now, we are really happy to be of service to all would-be-wwoofers. It seems that this is one of the top places that wwoofer-wannabees check out before starting their search for farms on Hawaii.
We totally understand why. There's nowhere else on this entire magical internet that will tell you the real deal about WWOOFing in Hawaii.
Let us tell you all about it. We would be happy to.

Email us at: emailpixelle at yahoo dot com
(replacing the "at" with "@" and "dot" with "." of course, to deter spambots)
or leave your email in the comment box.

We've got all the organic dirt about all of the places on Maui. We know a bit about the other islands, too.
However, we don't want to get sued for posting this kind of stuff on the web, so just email us and we'll start a personal dialogue.

We're offering this because we don't want anyone else to have to go through what we did! We learned alot about being taken advantage of, lifting heavy stuff, and listening to long, unprovoked lectures about not being masculine enough. BUT! We didn't learn much about organic farming.
Surprised? We were too.
Please email us if you have any questions.


  1. tried to email, but it was returned, i must have your address wrong

    my name is kyle and my address is

    search4theRoad "at" gmail "dot" com

  2. Hi, my name is Svetlana: sadorofeeva@gmail.com

    I would love to know about this program. I'm thinking to go to hawaii for couple months...And i'm trying to fing the best way to do it, so i can pay for my expenses while im there...

    Thank you:)

  3. Hey hey!

    This is Zakk. I've got a friend moving back to Maui and she wants me to come along. I was told to check out WWOOF. What can you tell me about your experiences and where the best places are to go? Any information would be great!

  4. ZakkFlash, you need to tell me your email address so I can send you information.

  5. Aloha! I tried to email too but it did not work. I wwoofed several years ago in Hawaii with mixed experiences as well. Thinking of wwoofing in New Zealand or returning to Hawaii come November. Your insight would be most valuable. Mahalo and safe travels!


  6. make sure you use this email address when getting in touch with me:
    it is the correct address as long as you type it in correctly!

  7. Hey! I wwoofed a few months ago on the big island. i decided to go to the mainland for the rest of the summer, but im ready to go back to hawaii and wwoof for a while. im hoping to explore maui this time, could you recommend a farm there for me please?


  8. Hi, looking for some feedback on your wwoofing experience in Hawaii!

    My email is ncopeland87@gmail.com

    thanks a million

  9. Dear ashley and joel, how exciting to find your blog on wwoofing in maui! I lived on Maui for about a year and am looking to return soon. I am thinking about wwoofing this time around, but would like to avoid crazy situations/landlords. what advise do you have for me? you can reach me at Jokerstotheright at comcast dot net. I look foreward to talking with yous.

  10. aloha my fellow woofers!
    its caroline
    i am glad to see all is going well afer the mishaps at mystic gardens...
    i am very glad to see that you have started this so no more innocent woofers end up cleaning hot tubs and washing cars instead of doing actual farming... much props.
    and i miss you two!!
    still on maui?
    email me starfruit711@gmail.com

  11. Bonjour je Voudrais aller à Hawaï pour Une expérience de trame, Pourriez-vous S'il vous plaît donnez-moi informtions???

      merci yu


  12. Hi! My name is Aliyah and I would like to know about WWOOFing in Hawaii as well. My boyfriend and I are really involved with organic growing here in santa cruz, ca... definitely interested to see if WWOOF is all that it claims to be before we register! Thanks!
    aliyahcline"at" gmail "dot"com

  13. Hello, my name is Mike Leonard and I have been staying with a friend in South Kihei but our agreed time to visit is winding down and I am searching for alternatives to returning to the mainland. I have fallen in love with the energy and am very interested in your insight. I have only a week left and my heart is saying stay! Any help would be greatly apreciated. Thanks,mike my e-mail is