Saturday, November 7, 2009

Holy Crap! Joel wrote a book!

Would you like to know more about the Love Muffin team who brings you this blog? Well, you're in luck: Joel wrote a book! (Ashley worked on the editing, design, and cover photography)

The Velvet Vortex Saga glitters with an eclectic array of anecdotes ranging from lucid dreaming to synchronicity to psychedelic experimentation. But it certainly doesn't stop there. Joel Brown's insightful and inquisitive mind takes, shakes, and mixes these topics with the philosophies of Buddhism, the natures of death and consciousness, and the interplay of religious belief, secular science, and mystical experience. The Velvet Vortex Saga: The Autobiography of a Buddha is the revealing memoir of one young man's journey into self-realization and self-recognition.

Contact us directly to obtain a copy. We've only printed 50 and they're selling like hotcakes- vegan hotcakes smothered with Earth Balance and mystery berries.
Price: 13 including shipping, 6 for the online text version, free for severely unemployed people (like us).

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