Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our plans

Greetings! Welcome to our very first blog ever.
We're going to Hawaii in 3 days to volunteer on organic farms in exchange for shelter and food through the WWOOF program (world wide organization of organic farms.)

These are our travel plans:
Feb 19th: Leaving Greensburg, PA by train. Arriving in Pittsburgh that night. Dinner with Joel's parents. More train.
Feb 20th: A stopover in Chicago. Vegan foodstore visits. More train.
Feb 20-21st: Staring out the windows at the moosies and buffalosies.
Feb 22nd: Arriving in Seattle, WA. Wandering around Seattle looking for vegan munchies all day long. Looking for a place to sleep. Going to the airport early in the morning.
February 23rd: Arriving on Maui at 2:35pm (Hawaiian Time!)

This is our train route:
Amtrak Empire Builder

This is where we will be WWOOFing:
The Kahua Hawaiian Institute

And this is the WWOOF-Hawaii webpage:

We are excited.

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