Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We made it to Maui!

After sleeping at the airport in what was possibly the most uncomfortable sleeping positions ever attempted, we spot Maui from above. This is the North Shore, where we will be. Rocky cliffs. Large waves crashing, making foam and making us excited.

Joel never traveled very far from home as a youth. Now look at him!As we get closer to the airport, which is really just one landing strip and one takeoff strip, we spot Haleakala- an enormous non-active volcano that is sort of world famous for its sunrise views. The peak is somewhere above those clouds in this picture.
Ashley's wants to bite Maui. (Hawaiian Airlines tried to feed us turkey sandwiches for lunch- and gave no alternative.) (We're vegan.)
Notice the unearthly blue hues and the small ET in the upper right corner!

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