Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We made it to Chicago!

Train station- Ashley- intrigued ET in sky hovering toward brain
ET comes after Joel and takes interest in the camera
We are not sure about this place. Buildings are tall and trees are sparse. People walk fast.
An organic restaurant called "Spa Cafe" feeds us this meal. Purple soup, rice paper tortilla with sprouts, mushrooms, lettuce inside. A Bed of Lettuce.
And a seitan burger called the "Devil Burger" because seitan sounds like Satan. It wasn't good. The purple substance is a spicy Hawaiian sweet potato soup. We couldn't resist taking in a bit of Hawaii before actually getting there.
Yum. But Joel was sick and looked over the dipping sauce for that wrap.

So: We made it to Chicago. We've been very sick on the train with some sort of cold. No fun! We dream of Maui and hope to be healed soon.

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