Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We made it to Seattle!

The Empire Builder, so it is called, takes us through Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota- places like that. We see a buffalo, one of our goals. No moosies are spotted outside of fantasy. The spellchecker on this blog says that moosies isn't a real word but we don't agree.
Ashley takes a bunch of intuitive photographs with her art camera at the passing scenery. (Some might call these "snapshots" but we don't agree.)
Ashley is sick. So is Joel. Ashley has also turned into a hairless cartoon character.
A restaurant called Bambuza in Seattle feeds us this meal, which was our first real meal in three days. We had been munching and crunching on granola bars and Indian food packets and other weird things on the train.
The pictured meal consists of Vietnamese Pho soup (mushrooms, chives, broccoli, carrots, napa cabbage, bean sprouts, jalapenos, and hoisin sauce) and green bean tofu prepared in a wok. (We love woks.) This meal was our favorite one ever. Really! We want to go back to this Bambuza land someday in the future and we hope you will too.
We spent many hours walking up and down hills in Seattle, attempting to decode the bus system so that we could visit an Asian art museum across town. But, the decoding attempts lead us astray. We found a market shop called Ralph's that Ashley once dreamt about but had never seen or knew existed. A vegan sushi wrap from this dream market filled our bellies with energy and took over half of Joel's face, prompting him to protrude his tongue at the intruder, bus maps in hand.

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