Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We made it to the ocean!

We are still sick. Maybe we are getting a bit better. Ashley's immune system is on overdrive, resulting in golf ball size lymph nodes in her neck. Joel has a lot of oozing from his nose. But- we are at the beach!
After a very dangerous, slippery, and beautiful cliff trail, we found the ocean hanging out with some lava rocks. Joel says hello to the elements.
The water here, even in rough spots, is a magical blue that doesn't seem quite right to our Atlantic Ocean eyes.
A Buddha on our farm collects heart-shaped rocks. Ashley's addition is the orange one on the chest.
Joel spots our soon-to-be home. For right now, we are staying in the guest house till the other WWOOFer couple moves out of our barn-tent on March 7th.
Notice the huge bump on Joel's brain. We hope it was a mosquito who made that.
Also notice the two young papaya trees growing in the middle ground as well as the coconut-producing palm trees in the back. We have already munched some coconut and are looking forward to chopping our own coconut down from a swaying palm during a heavy windstorm.

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