Friday, May 1, 2009

A collection of photos

We made gourmet sushi!
The first time Ashley ever figured out how to shoot the moon!
Nice pink!
Sun setting over the island of Lanai.
Oh my goodness! We found this sight at the beach. Poor fish.
Imagine standing on that deck with that view!
Ashley finds some art.
What a nice orb.
Check out that wild pup!
A typical evening for us involves at least one of these stacks. Not really. We were helping a human move to a new house and all her boxes were empty beer ones!
Ashley style organization!
An amazing pool with overhead dragon made with wood.
This is happiness.
We aren't very good at yoga.
This is where we stuck our tent for 2 weeks. It was terrible.
This monster would stalk us while we slept at the first farm. It also made clicking noises and moved at light-speed.
Lunch time! Coconuts!
First farm WWOOFer kitchen and Ashley's orange shorts.

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