Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ulupalakua Ultimance

Joel becomes angry at the mongoose who's been eating our bananas when we're not looking. Although we do eat at least 6 bananas a day, we still feel that it's unfair that the mongoose eats 3.
Joel is very successful at this papaya retrieving game.

Balcony edible flowers awaiting addtion to seasonal salad.
A small ET fails at hiding its face to us.
Some sort of hypnotic trance reveaved through tropical fruit.
Symmetry of simpleness. Kale salad with mustard greens, sprouted garbanzos, sprout mix and edible flowers.
The beauty of this! It exists.
Dreamlike fruit basket.
Ashley plays the UKULELE! This has become her new instrument of choice. Goodbye Banjo, Hello Uke!
What could be more perfect? Coffee and mochi! A nice midafternoon's snacktreat.

Something special is happening here but we're not quite sure what.
Dining room bamboo set, beautiful kitchen, happy WWOOFers.
Sprouted garbanzos for the first time, and chardonnay, and a book stack of interest.
The last drops are always the sweetest thanks to agave nectar build up.
No, we're not moving here.
Some sort of dialogue.
Our goal is to bring none of this back.
A nice outdoor sitting area.
Our theater-window. We watch birds in the midst of their mating game.
What a collection!
Gourmet sleeping accommodations.
We are so lucky!
We even get good internet reception. That's why we've been posting so often.

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