Sunday, May 17, 2009

Week 3 in Ulupalakua

We did our monthly shopping trip at Mana Foods, which is completely on the other side of the island. We figured it would make the most sense to try to hitchhike back home across the street from the Stupa of World Peace so that the glorious blessing of the Buddha head would be shining down on us. It worked.
A wild animal almost eats all of our monthly food supply but is frightened by the flash of the camera and scurries away.
Maui Muffins #2!
Muffins: coconut, cocoa powder, flour, sugar, mashed banana
Sauce: mashed papaya, cocoa powder, chopped mystery berries, vegan sprinkles
Joel could be a model for funny Indian shirts.
These are coffee beans drying in the sun under some wire so that birdies don't carry them off.
Purple fuzzy mystery flowerplant.
A dream I once had, now actualized.
Tropical spider busy making a home.
Laundry day.
Spikey red blue dream plant.
With beans and a white flower too!
This is where we do an hour of our 4 hour workday. We carry duck poop water to baby fruit trees.
These are mangoes. A rat keeps munching them, so we've been staking out, trying to catch him/her in the act. Mangoes are precious.
Our baby chickens socializing on some raised sticks.
Dream duck.
Dream tree and dream island and three dream clouds.
A love sonnet with onion prop.


  1. I'm so glad that everything is so lovely and beautiful. I miss you.

  2. Your pictures are very beautiful, great blog!