Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rancho Relaxo

Joel picks breakfast. Papayas from the tree! We eat at least 4 papayas a day. Ashley has a papaya pie recipe that will come to life soon, once we can figure out how to hitchhike out on this country road to a grocery store for ingredients.
Sometimes the papayas fall down to the ground instead of nestling in the picker basket. Then, Joel has to squeeze himself between rocks and trees to fetch the fallen treat. Ducks like to eat papayas, too, and they are often on the prowl for falling ones.
Success! Look at the accomplishment in that face.
This is the nursery. Many tropical babies are growing.
There's lots of time for quiet moments here. We are the only WWOOFers and we have a nice cottage all to ourselves.
We acquired two nice travel bags from yard sales that we will use to move our things from now on. They have wheels and they are orange! Ashley likes orange.
Ashley also likes Coffee Tree Heaven. We discovered coffee plants growing in the gardens here!
Joel finds a nice stalk of kale while we pick veggies for dinner.
Pineapple growing in the foreground.
Ashley processes coffee beans by squeezing them out of the berries into water.
They'll sit in the water for about a week or until their gooey layer dissolves. Then they'll be a nice green color, and then they get roasted in a pan, and then crunched, and then brewed, ad then slurped.
Playing with coffee is heart warming.
We try eating Atemoya for the first time.
A typical tropical lunch. Kale salad with papaya and edible flowers.
We had to look up Atemoya in the fruit dictionary to see whether we could eat the skin or not. Apparently we cannot because there are many molds and buggies growing on them. But we do enjoy their dinosaur like quality.
Sunset scene. Notice the tip of the island in the mist of the lower-right background.
Goodbye sun. See you tomorrow!

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  1. hi, i am jealous you get to DIY your own coffee. remember when i showed you that white house down the road with the spring in the yard? that's where we'll be living. in like a week or so. you are coming home so soon? i expected you to be gone for good. the haus isn't where you wanna live. you probably want to live in a tent in my backyard. i'd like to share our skills sometime.