Saturday, May 2, 2009


We moved to a new farm! It is located in the Ulupalakua area, the fertile ranch lands on the leeward slopes of the volcano Haleakala.
Check out the map!
We are overjoyed with this place. A guitar and a bottle of wine were waiting for us in our cottage when we arrived.
Our first sunset here was so amazing. The colors, the ocean, the clouds, all moving in spontaneous perfection for us in our window theater.
There is a real shower and a real toilet and a real kitchen here in our cottage! We haven't been this spoiled since we lived at our parents' houses.
There's papaya trees swaying in the breeze in front of our kitchen window, there's totally free range chickens jumping around in the trees, and there's mystery fruit in the fruit bowl that tastes like melon apples.
And the book collection in this cottage is absolutely perfect for us. David Sedaris, Osho, 2012 theories, permaculture books, natural health care... just the right amount of silliness and spirituality and naturalism.
I think we will finally be able to bake some cupcakes!


  1. Hey guys!!!! I see you're having so much fun, thats so great!! Looooove all the AWESOME pictures you put up..hope to see you again sometime soon : ) Enjoy Hawaii, be sure to give Hawaii some love for me : )

  2. Hey, I was just googling for Hawaii wwoofing experiences and came across your blog. Hoping to do something this summer and trying to do a bit of research in advance as I know some wwoofers go unprepared and get disappointed (and disappoint their hosts). Would be really interested to talk to you about your experiences - maybe I could PM you?

  3. I must say I don't know what PM means, but you can email me, Ashley, at Emailpixelle at yahoo dot com.
    I have lots of info about lots of different WWOOF sites.